Light-weight sheer romantic summer wedding

Lightweight lace

Mainly in spring and summer wedding are light and sheer based. Hot weather, if it is put on heavy wedding, regardless of re gorgeous wedding, the bride will not become covered with natural, cool and greatly reduce the level of immediately. Need to know to design lighter body of the wedding, in addition to the familiar use of all silk and chiffon, there are many kinds of materials, such as the oceanic feeling of giving light satin, used for decoration and embellishment of the lace, Light weight poplin slippery tower. For spring and summer, the wedding as the main material mainly in lace, it gives people the light of the summer in addition to feeling, but also to the people of the retro atmosphere and elegant!

Designers for spring and summer

The current spring and summer, the European leading brand Juliet wedding in addition to the lighter body of the lace and sparkling clear crystals for creative material, the brand also made of precious pearl embellishment wedding, the bride to wear wedding woman exudes subtle elegance United States. Famous wedding dress designer ElizabethB. Season focuses on delicate hand, such as the glittering crystal and flash beads, elegant lace, fine embroidery decorate the body skirt, so that one wedding to the gorgeous feeling. In addition, Elizabeth B. in order to fold this season, there are many details to create a romantic and elegant sense of summer, in addition to wedding dresses, evening wear, fold it is a necessary element of the season. The famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth self Holly (Elizabeth Hurley) dressed in beautiful evening gowns designed made famous London designer Jenny Packham wedding dress for the bride to show this season as the Greek goddess-like elegance, continue its elegant temperament, soft texture of fabric, beautiful stacking folds, giving the skin a large crystal halter design, shimmering light of the divergent results. More emphasis on the overall outline of the grasp of the waist to highlight the contours of the embodiment of the hourglass crystal embellishment, emphasizing the bust and waist cut. Strapless and halter styles this season will be one of the most popular styles.

Selection of a small secret wedding

Where the bride must be the selection for wedding, such as light-weight at outdoor wedding in the selection of the wedding, traditional church wedding was held on a more solemn and more gorgeous selection of wedding style, to show decency. In addition, the bride must accept a new attempt, do not try wearing a halter style wedding dress through does not look good, it would be no longer try to halter style wedding dress, after all, the designers used different materials and cutting are not the same, give it a try , may have unexpected results!

With crystal embellishment

In addition, the season spring and summer, wedding and more transparent crystals dotted line for the waist and chest, crystal fine particles from the big stars to inadvertently skirt from the waist gradually scattered in the body and skirt, giving people the feeling of elegance, apart from , flashing the crystal to the bride look more beautiful, more smoke deter others envious eyes. In addition, the crystal clarity could be more cool dress sense, so that the wearer fresh and cool feeling to the people, without the slightest sense of promoting baked in the outdoor summer wedding dress will be the most suitable enough.

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Valentino 2011 released the latest bridal gowns

New baked Valentino bridal gowns Pre 2011 fell series. Variety is the French fashionable
Balmain type, the latest series of the bridal gown will bring you different Valentino 2011!
Valentino 2011 Black Slim classic style bridal gowns , lace dresses and in color on one side
brings a sense of quiet, but also added women’s soft.

Shiny red fabric, with a sense of the future. Unique folds, people to focus attention on the

bride upper body, the better shape of the bride’s proud figure.

Is also a bright surface of the material, meticulous cutting, folding waist to a god, the overall proportion of segmentation, showing a tall figure.

Folds of the skirt, very elegant. Upper body design is very special, translucent material, so
that the pattern attached to the bride who, with a hint of sexy.

Like Barbie dolls, some bright spots , the flowers before the dress played a role in fueling the shape, pink chiffon, adding a touch of charm.

Low V evening, clean lines and smooth, hem and elegant, charming and stylish, knee-length skirt, showing off your slender legs , decorated with sequins, add your fashion index.

Sequined embellishment on the bride dress, nude color dress broke through the mediocrity, add another touch of charming bride. Fold waist treatment is in place, so that more slender waist.

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Gil Scott-Heron, Spoken-Word Musician, Dies at 62

The author of the song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” — which helped pioneer sounds that would fuse to become rap — has died in New York City. Musician Gil Scott-Heron was 62.

A friend who answered the telephone listed for his Manhattan recording company confirms he died Friday afternoon at a hospital. Doris C. Nolan says he died after becoming sick upon returning from a European trip.

Scott-Heron recorded “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” in the 1970s in Harlem.

He mixed minimalistic percussion and spoken-word performances tinged with politics in a style he sometimes referred to as bluesology. He recorded more than a dozen albums and wrote a handful of books.

Scott-Heron was born in Chicago on April 1, 1949. He was raised in Jackson, Tenn.

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CAS Postpones Appeals Hearing in Contador Case

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — The Court of Arbitration for Sport postponed its hearing in Alberto Contador’s doping case on Thursday, meaning the cyclist could compete in the Tour de France before the court issues a ruling.

The CAS postponed the June 6-8 hearing, and the case could drag on beyond the start of this year’s Tour.

CAS said it agreed to put off the hearing to give “all parties concerned reasonable time to prepare for such hearing and to guarantee the participation in person of witnesses and experts.”

CAS said new hearing dates will be set as soon as possible.

“We are not ready yet with replacement dates,” the court said in a statement.

CAS did not specify who sought the postponement.

The court is scheduled to hear appeals filed by the International Cycling Union and World Anti-Doping Agency. They are challenging the Spanish cycling federation’s decision to clear the three-time Tour de France champion after he blamed his positive test for clenbuterol at last year’s race on eating contaminated beef.

CAS had previously said it aimed to issue a verdict by the end of June, which would allow Contador to defend his Tour title if exonerated. The Tour runs from July 2-24.

If CAS rules against Contador, he faces a ban of up to two years. He would be stripped of his third Tour victory and lose all results and prize money earned since February, when the UCI lifted his provisional suspension.

Contador can compete until the verdict. He’s currently the overall leader at the Giro d’Italia.

“All I’m thinking about right now is winning the (leader’s) pink jersey,” Contador said Thursday after the 18th stage of the Giro. “I’m not thinking of anything else. I think we will have a strong team (for the Tour) that will be capable of doing great things.”

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The survey found breastfed children better behavior

Medical profession has been the promotion of breastfeeding, this can not only help children resist the chest infections, asthma, eczema, allergies and other diseases of the invasion, the health of mothers is also beneficial. Recently, the experts again and again for the benefits of breastfeeding, a – a child in the future to reduce the probability of adverse behavior, such as anxiety disorder, lying, stealing, hyperactivity and so on.

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported in perinatal epidemiology at Oxford University, UK Research Center researchers surveyed 9,500 mothers and children. These children were born in 2000 and 2001, 29% of full-term children, preterm children was 21% in 4 months of breastfeeding. When the children were 5 years old, the parents filled out a questionnaire, the results showed that children taking the formula, 16% had bad habits, and more than breastfed children four months, only 6% had adverse behavior, than the former decreased by about 1 / 3.

Even taking into account other factors such as social background, economic status, non-breastfeeding and breastfeeding than children 5 years old when the child appears the probability of the bad habits of more than 30%.

The researchers said that although studies have proven that breastfeeding children over four months of bad habits appear to be low probability, but this can not be completely attributed to breastfeeding, after all, is a combination of factors. Study found that more than four months that mothers breastfeed their children than the children of mothers who fed formula a number of older, higher level of education, economic conditions are slightly better. Mary Craig Dr Lee said: “We can not determine this in the end is because breast milk than formula milk contains nutrients to be more, or because between mother and child during breastfeeding more intimate physical contact, but this Breastfeeding mothers do is to convince a better reason. “

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Schwarzenegger acknowledged having an affair with a

施瓦辛格 Schwarzenegger

■ admitted having an affair with the former maid gave birth to a child

■ So with his separated wife Shleifer

May 17, the former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that when he admitted a decade ago with an illegitimate child domestic workers are sterile, the wife 玛丽亚施莱弗 with his separation.

Schwarzenegger was having an affair with a servant

Earlier this year, Schwarzenegger acknowledged and family education has an illegitimate child of a servant, the 玛丽亚施莱弗 moved out of two in the Brentwood home. This name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, a servant for 20 years, retired in January of this year.

Schwarzenegger released late on Monday in the “Los Angeles Times,” the statement said: “outgoing California governor, I put this thing in over a decade ago told my wife, Maria. I understand the family and friends feelings on the matter, it should take them for the disappointment and anger. I have no excuse, I will this action take full responsibility for the damage. I have to my wife, my children and family People apologize, I’m really very sorry. I hope the media will be given in such a special time my wife and children are fully respected, and I deserve your attention and criticism, but my family is innocent. ”

玛丽亚施莱弗, a spokesman said Schwarzenegger’s statement she does not make any comment.

Schwarzenegger has been raising an illegitimate child

Since leaving the post of governor, Schwarzenegger has maintained a good public image, and world leaders who met at the White House convened a meeting on immigration, efforts to revive his movie career and so on.

To protect the privacy of the parties, “Los Angeles Times” and Schwarzenegger has not published the names of an affair of the domestic staff, and their illegitimate child’s name. Schwarzenegger issued a statement in an interview before, this servant, said the father is her ex-husband. She said that his voluntary retirement in January of this year: “I’ve always wanted to Schwarzenegger, his wife for 20 years, and now I have reached my goal, so I applied for retirement.” She also said he received a severance payment . , The “Los Angeles Times” once again the lady to get in touch with this, Schwarzenegger issued a statement to tell her things, but she declined to comment on the matter.

One source said that after the birth of an illegitimate child, Schwarzenegger had to take responsibility for raising children of all economic and not interrupt.

Schwarzenegger’s privacy out of consideration, the sources declined to give his name.

People are mixed views on marriage

Last week, Schwarzenegger issued a statement jointly with his wife announced their separation in the news. They have been married for 25 years, the statement did not mention the reasons for separation. Announced that after separation, on Schwarzenegger and his wife’s life, there were two very different description.

63-year-old Schwarzenegger said that he and his wife’s separation is temporary, they both work for reconciliation. Last week, Schwarzenegger appeared in Los Angeles when he said: “I and Maria all love each other, we are fortunate to have had four very good child.”

玛丽亚施莱弗 a 55-year-old friend is given to this, and the marriage another evaluation, she said, Maria is not happy over the past few years, but her parents have died, Schwarzenegger the outgoing governor, she did not take action.

Model couple now Laoyanfenfei

Schwarzenegger and 玛丽亚施莱弗 marriage has always been the focus of the public, because they one of Hollywood’s male stars, one of America’s most famous political family, a member of.

Back in 2003, the first election of California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s behavior has become a topic, there were several women claimed that Schwarzenegger has maintained for years with their intimate relationships.

Schwarzenegger denied the allegations at first, and later apologized to the public whom. Maria has been standing behind Schwarzenegger was to support him, and secured his personality.

Schwarzenegger was elected governor, Maria became the history of California’s First Lady on one of the most active by participating in public events to maintain a good image.

Despite the couple’s friends have said the post of Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger as the time, and the marriage there has been difficulties, but these issues have been excluded from the public eye.

This year in January, Schwarzenegger stepped down, the two began a separated life. Schwarzenegger is still maintained in the face of high public visibility, in every speech, met with foreign dignitaries to revive his career and is ready to write his memoirs. Maria is busy with their own website operation rights of women, Oprah as a guest editor of a magazine, dedicated to the promotion of the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

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United Airlines was forced to apologize for alleged

肯列·蒂格曼 肯列蒂格曼

U.S. airline passengers suspected of fat discrimination and forced to apologize

According to Australia’s “Daily Telegraph” reported that the U.S. women’s 肯列蒂格曼 plane encountered recently in an embarrassing thing, she and her mother Qiongxiabangjie in the Dallas airport terminal, who knows ticket, the United States Southwest Airlines staff had to prevent them boarding on the grounds that their weight is beyond the company’s weight limit on passengers.

Dige Man said: “I asked the staff in their companies on what kind of passenger weight limit, he said he could not say, but think I was too heavy and can not check.”

Dige Man feel humiliated, then it turned into a continuous 45-minute standoff, the flight, all passengers have been affected.

Southwest Airlines does have a policy body for the passenger, the policy requires that if a seat on the plane did not fit the body of the passengers, the passenger must buy a ticket to sit two seats after boarding. But the company spokesman said the encounter such situations, companies should consult with passengers, as appropriate, and not arbitrarily refuse boarding to passengers. The protagonist of this incident Dige Man said, she can sit comfortably in a seat.

Gengrang she annoyed that conflict with the staff of Southwest Airlines, said the mother and daughter so that they can check, but they have more body fat and one other passenger sitting in a row. Dige Man believes that this is blatantly discriminatory against fat.

Finally, Southwest Airlines regulators intervene, let Di Geman mother and daughter as an ordinary passenger boarding, and apologize to them.

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